Smart Cities, Sustainable Energy, Casual Economy
We translate mega trends into specific, individually portioned solution modules to meet our clients needs.


Economy, Society and its logistic infrastructure (data, mobility, housing, energy, finance, social affairs, media, architecture) are part of a current comprehensive change: Digitalization, IoT Internet of things, blockchain and other efficiency chains are keywords in this regard. Society is being rearranged. It is being made more attractive.

A as in Attraction. 9 as in „Revolution 9“, the famous song on the Beatles' White Album. The song is constructed like a sound collage. Just as today – a collage as well – centralised and carbon based infrastructures are being replaced.

Decarbonisation, digitalisation, decentralisation are the trends of our time. If our „living room“ is refurnished, the way we choose to live changes with it. Change begins in the consumers head. And he/ she should be informed casually about it. Thus, the consumer is receiver and transmitter of all change processes. Almost every area of life and the corresponding product world are being rearranged. „Casual economy“ is becoming part of our every day life. Currently, we only get a glimpse at the surface of this topic.

Processes of change are nothing new in the history of mankind. Already more than 70 years ago, the economist Joseph A. Schumpeter called this process creative destruction.


„We are on the brink of a revolution that will also be an abyss for some.“

Gary Hamel, C.K. Prahalad: Competing for the Future

A9CON consulting is the first integrated service unit of its kind. Hand in hand with its participants, it translates and guides mega trends towards individually portioned interdisciplinary solution modules. A9CON also connects them where appropriate. Collaboration is the keyword in this regard. An example is ARGE INFRA and its pool of experts in Hamburg.

Together with our teams contract-based experts, we develop (media-) strategies, dialogues, concepts, solutions and collaborations. We guide businesses and public offices with „essentials & goodies for a better living“ in a time, where the consumer requires not problems – but solutions.

A9CON is presently organising the Urban City Lab. The new craze for an urban neighbourhood. Initiated by the architect Prof. Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV) and Jobst Büscher (A9CON), the Urban City Lab is gradually translating A9CON’s goals into concrete fields of action (see also

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